The Handbook of Celtic Astrology by Helena Patterson (USED Book)

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Discover the secrets of astrology as practiced by the Celts and learn how you can use them today, in The Handbook of Celtic Astrology by Helena Patterson. 

Many people are acquainted with the solar-based astrology of the Greeks and Romans, but you may not be aware that the Celts developed and used their own astrological system. This system is centered on the Moon and the thirteen lunar months. The Handbook of Celtic Astrology combines the observations of the ancient Druids with an updated version of a fourth-century decanate system to create a modern, workable, and valuable source of new astrological insights and concepts. 

In The Handbook of Celtic Astrology, you'll discover that each lunar month is associated with one of the thirteen trees sacred to the Druids. 

·Each "tree sign" is thoroughly explored, with a comprehensive chapter on the characteristics of natives of the sign 
·Learn the mythology, gods, and goddesses associated with each sign's ruling tree and planet 
·Discover how to interpret the locations of the planets, Moon, Ascendant, and midheaven in each of the three decans for every tree sign 
·Discover Celtic chart design and sign division 
·Read about the importance of solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, and aspects of the Moon 

The Handbook of Celtic Astrology is not only the definitive work on the subject, it also redefines Western astrology with the use of ancient observations, theory, and practices. In short, you will be able to add this information to your astrological practice to make your readings deeper and more accurate than ever before. 

The Handbook of Celtic Astrology makes the zodiacal wisdom of the Druids accessible, while providing unique and fascinating insights into a self that you've never known before?your lunar self. This, and much more, will allow you to better understand yourself and others, thanks to The Handbook of Celtic Astrology. 

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